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June Domestic Shipping Special!

FedEx Ground shipping is 50% OFF for orders of $50 or more,and FREE for orders over $200!!

(expires midnight CDT June 30th)


White Ensign Colourcoats

(update: the latest shipment of Colourcoats arrived Wednesday June 5th and all quantities have been updated.)

Users of White Ensign Colourcoats paint are aware that there have been problems for dealers outside the U.K. getting restocked due to issues with carriers in the U.K. Those problems still exist, but demand is still very high in other countries since many modelers are accustomed to the accuracy and high quality of Colourcoats iqbroker-sg.com.

In order to offer a continuing and reliable supply of Colourcoats, our carrier will be delivering a large shipment to us this next week, hopefully June 6th or 7th. Every color that was out of stock was ordered, as well as a few that MidTenn has not previoulsy carried. As an added bonus, some colors being announced this week by White Ensign are in this shipment as well.

White Ensign Colourcoats is, by far, our best selling paint. Until the recent problems with various carriers in the U.K. refusing to ship solvent-based paint, we shipped more Colourcoats in a few days than all other paints combined for the entire month http://iqbroker-sg.com/.

With our supply problem solved, Colourcoats with be the only paint that MidTenn will re-stock. Our solution to this supply problem resulted in significantly higher inbound shipping costs, resulting in a new price of $4.50 per tin. The initial price looked even higher, but by spreading the new expense across existing inventory, we have established a price for the foreseeable future.


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